About Mike

Mike Green Background
Mike has been a realtor in Penticton since 1992, working
in both the residential and commercial fields. His background
as a newspaper editor and photographer before that have
served him well on the marketing side, providing the skills
for quality feature packages and internet exposure for listings.

He has been involved in every type of real estate sale,
from mobile homes to one of the highest sale prices on Skaha Lake; commercial leases and the sale of buildings in Penticton's
downtown core. He is known as an honest straight-forward
person, one of three Penticton realtors chosen when realtors
in the city were polled by an independent company as to who
they would hire if they were no longer selling real estate.

Born in Great Britain, Mike grew up in southern Ontario, went to
university and worked for several years in the Maritmes before
settling in Penticton in 1988, where he raised his family.

Jak Green BackgroundAbout Jaclyn

Jaclyn's experience as a mortgage broker has proven to be
a real asset for both buyers and sellers. After receiving her
real estate license in 2003 and working first as an assistant
then as a full-time realtor, Jaclyn left the industry to have
her son Erik in 2006. She came back in 2008 to work in the
mortgage industry, latterly as a mortgage broker. But by 2010
she realised that she missed the many facets of real estate,
and joined Mike as partner. Her knowledge of the mortgage
industry has been a real help to both buyers and sellers.

Jaclyn grew up in Kimberley, B.C., and is a graduate of the
University of Calgary.

About Mike and Jaclyn, the team

Mike and Jaclyn first worked together in marketing the initial phase of the Lakeshore Towers condominium project between 2002 and 2004. They bring a genuine upbeat approach to real estate, coupled with a professional thoroughness and commitment to doing the job right. They know how to negotiate an offer so that the sale happens. And they know how to keep everything on track, who to recommend for inspections, appraisals and the legal documentation. Anybody who has worked with them can tell you that they enjoy what they do, and that comes through in how they do it.